Roger Waters – ‘Is This What We Really Want?’

Waters is back with another solo album, but this time its different…

“…Roger Waters presents some of his most focused songs since the mid-’70s.” -Pitchfork

Have a listen to Deja Vu played live on the Colbert Report here:
Unfortunately we’ll have to wait another couple of days for the full album to be released. For now though, we have ‘Smell The Roses’, “Deja Vu’ and ‘The Last Refugee’ to listen to. Smell The Roses: far the most Pink Floyd like song from the three. Smell The Roses has the well familiar Pink Floyd rhythm that really throws to many of Pink Floyd songs, such as on Echoes. It might even go far enough to resemble some Led Zeppelin. Either way its defiantly a song that throws you back to ‘those times’. The Last Refugee: Last refugee is a calm, slow and serene commentary on the whole refugee crisis. Roger sings “And I dreamed I was saying goodbye to my child, She was taking a last look at the sea, Wading through dreams, up to our knees in warm ocean swells” Putting us in the position of having to loose a loved one, Roger seems to want to improve our outlook on the crisis.  Deja Vu:

Finally Deja Vu, another slow song based on acoustic guitar is a portrait of Rogers thoughts of God, government and war. With his lyrics here Roger suggests that more has been ruined by these wars that have really only profited bankers and politicians who speak about left wing agendas but really follow through with right wing actions.

The temple’s in ruins
The bankers get fat
The buffalo’s gone
And the mountain top’s flat
The trout in the streams are all hermaphrodites
You lean to the left but you walk to the right

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