Analog Bombs

            A bombastic band with a big heart, Analog Bombs are here to stay. Lads from Bradford have been on stage for over ten years now, throwing the audience in the dance state of the mind. It is truly impossible to stay put during any of their songs, be it because of their dynamics or the energy that every single damn instrument has.

Lee’s guitar constantly has that little smirk on its body, the little tease. It is constantly inviting, playing around the fact that, even though you can’t, you want to dance around. Then there are Danny and Jonny in the rhythm section. Jonny’s bass is like that sweet joyful uncle you have, the one with the million stories that he wants to tell you. And Danny… Well, Danny’s kit jumps around yelling “COME ON, COME ON, LET’S GO! COME ON!” They will not allow you to stay calm. It’s not what they do.

Matt and Deano sound like that old married couple that finishes each other’s sentences. Matt’s trombone gives you that little fizz in your body, and Deano’s keyboard cements it there. They just do not give you the breathing room to stop and relax.

Last but in no way least, there is Ben, who takes everything that the lads have given him and puts a stamp on it. It seems like he is jumping from one instrument to the other, making it sound even better than before.

You can hear their chemistry when you are listening to their music. You try to isolate only one instrument, and then there is another screaming for attention, and it never gets old or boring. And I have a feeling that it never will.